A Career in Fitness

The window of opportunity is perfect for creating a career in the fitness industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of fitness trainers and instructors is projected to grow 13 percent from 2012 to 2022. Median pay is over $30,000 with just over $15 per hour being the norm. Barriers to entry are low, meaning that you can become a certified personal trainer fairly easily by completing a personal trainer certification program. The potential decline in the overall health of workers in United States is alarming with the rising overweight and obesity rates. Gallup and Healthways surveyed more than 350,000 Americans in 2008(http://www.gallup.com/poll/125741/six-overweight-obese.aspx).Findings reveal that six in ten Americans can be classified as overweight or obese. The overall conclusion of Gallup and Healthways states that if health habits of Americans do not improve, then more individuals will be less likely to engage in normal activities because of poor health, leading to lost productivity and ultimately negative economic implications for the country. Therefore, it is very clear that the need for personal trainers is needed in many facets of our society, and now is the time to turn America’s physical fitness levels around and become a personal fitness trainer. The most direct way is through the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA).

NESTA offers aPersonal Trainer Certification, which is widely recognized in the industry. NESTA is an international fitness organization with over 55,000 members from around the world. NESTA members have thriving fitness careers in over 50 foreign countries. In fact, you can complete your certification on-line. They offer an interactive digital manual, over 10 hours of video training, PDF note packets, comprehensive audio lessons, plus the proctored certification exam is included. The cost is just $449.You can find more information at:

You can also take your education and career to the next level at Wexford University, which is the upper education division of NESTA. Together, they have developed your complete path to mastery in your chosen area of expertise. You can go from being a certified personal trainer to adoctor of sports psychology. You will have support and a mentoring throughout these programs:

  • Associate of Arts Degree in Fitness Training (AA)
  • Bachelor Degree in Health and Fitness (BS)
  • Master of Science in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology (MS)
  • Master of Arts in Applied Sport and Fitness Psychology (MA)
  • Doctor of Sport Psychology (EdD)

     For more information about these programs visit:

          By attaining one or more of these degrees, your opportunity for increased salary is almost guaranteed. It all depends on what type of career in fitness you want to focus on and the salary you wish to attain. You may even choose to focus on one specific aspect of fitness such as becoming a yoga instructor, a triathlon coach, or a sports injury therapist. You can read more about tailored programs at:


          NESTA also offers several resources, such as how to market yourself, how to create a blog for your business, how to conduct live webcam classes to increase your client base, and nutrition, among other valuable resources and information. You can find more information at:


Health science experts claim that the combination of proper nutrition with physical exercise will improve both your physical and psychologicalwell-being (Envick, Academy of Health Care Management Journal, 2012). In other words, improved physical fitness can lead to improved emotional fitness. Emotional fitness is defined as the state wherein the mind is capable of staying away from negative thoughts and can focus on creative and constructive tasks. Being emotionally fit is the key to success in all aspects of life. Negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, sadness, and distress can prevent success and drain the energy needed to be productive in your daily routine and activities.

The need for personal trainers is quite evident, and you can easily attain a certification in a short amount of time and at a reasonable cost. So, if you have been thinking about a career in the fitness industry, do it now. The time is right, and the industry is expected to keep growing over the next decade.

Personal Trainer Certification – the first step towards your career in personal fitness

Personal fitness is a growing field. Certified fitness trainers are always in demand whether you live in a big city or a small town. The fitness sector is a sunshine sector and at current median rates, personal fitness salaries are between the $40,000 and $50,000 range. If you start your own work, there is virtually no limit to your earnings providing you are good at what to do, have experience and the right clients.

 If you are interested in pursuing a career in the fitness field and either want to work at a gym, health club, resort, residential facilities or fitness center, or start your own business, you need to get your personal trainer certification. A course that is recognized and accepted and that will teach all that is necessary is the first step towards achieving your career goals.

 What do personal trainer certification courses teach you?

 While you may be a fit person and happily into physical activities, a professional course will teach you a lot more: anatomy, physiology, nutrition, safety aspects, physical assessment and enhancing performance or building a specific kind of body that is targeted for different sports are all part of good training course. Each aspect is equally important and goes a long way in ensuring that you make a good personal trainer.

 You should have the knowledge to advise your students regarding all health aspects if they want a fit body. Different people have different fitness goals and you should be able to tailor exercise and diet programs according to their requirements or structure your classes to attract the students.

 Benefits of working at a facility

 While you can start your own personal trainer business, be aware that you need a great deal of investment in terms of a place, equipment, staff, utilities and more. It is easier to get a job as a personal fitness trainer, even if you want to start your own business eventually. With a job you get many benefits including

 Different kinds of clients that help you hone your communication skills and public relations.

  • A large pool of changing clients that can increase your customer base.
  • Exposure to new machines and equipment and training on their usage.
  • A ready and working professional set-up.
  • Meeting other professionals and learning from them.
  • Insurance and other benefits.

 Working at a facility also gives you practical experience on running a business, the overheads involved, the investments required, the kind of equipment you need and the money you can make if you decide to start your own business. As you work you will realize where your strengths like and what kind of clients you want to work with; this way you build and consolidate your reputation.

 The personal training certification course

 Numerous courses are available both online and offline and you can decide which kind of course you want to do. Wexford University has a personal trainer certification course with emphasis on sports performance that you can do from your own home, as it is an online course. This certificate course is approved and licensed in the state of California and is recognized by many sports bodies including NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association), ISSA (International Sports Science Association), NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and others. Once you have successfully completed the course, you can work anywhere in the country or abroad.

Working as a certified personal fitness trainer you can help people achieve their physical fitness goals, lose weight, lead a healthy lifestyle. As you are active yourself, you maintain a healthy lifestyle and have a fulfilling career.

 Wexford University Personal Trainer Certification


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